5 advanced technological innovations introduced in WW1 ICT

By Nadeem

How did new technology in WW1 ICT affect the Western World?As War tends to launch many innovations from industrial machines to effective weapons. World War 1 with its unusual clash of 19th & 20th-century technologies, was no exception. When we look into our History, Scientists of both sides introduced many new technologies in WW1 ICT.

If you want to know that how World War 1 changes in modern warfare, then keep reading! Because we’ve come up with the detail of new technology in WW1 ICT that are still used in warfare and civilian life. Let’s know!

What new technologies were introduced in WW1?

World War 1 brought up many progressive changes into modern warfare, including battle tactics and techniques. Scientists of both sides worked a lot to develop new technology in ww1 ICT to conquer War. Here’s we’ve given a list of some technologies developed during World War 1. Let’s have a look!


In 1914, most European commanders settled down into unusual war trenches for their defence. A heavily armoured vehicle having an internal engine burning gas or diesel was introduced as Tanks. As the first new technology in WW1 ICT, these tanks used to traverse ” No Man’s Land ” between trenches.

Besides, they also had mounted Artillery and machine guns into tanks. By the end of War, these tanks became more useful for battle. As a result, a lot of soldiers were forced out of their trenches and died during War.

WW1 Tank

WW1 Tank


The airplane was a new technology in WW1 ICT used to observe and shoot enemy troops. It was the first War where both forces used the aircraft for their defence. At the start, Warrier used airplanes to find out enemy troops. At the end of War, they started to drop bombs on troops from airplanes. Besides, soldiers mounted machine guns into their planes to shoot down other airplanes.

WW1 Airplanes

WW1 Airplanes

Naval Warfare

A large metal armoured battleship named dreadnoughts was one of the new technology in WW1 ICT. These most dangerous ships had heavy long guns to fire on other ships & targets from long distances.

Besides, soldiers used Allied naval ships to barricade Germany for staving off food and supplies to the country. They also fired on Allied passenger ships such as Lusitania. Moreover, they used submarines as naval weapons to sneak up on ships and stoop them.

WW1 Ships

WW1 Ships

New Weapons

Both Warriors introduced many new weapons in World War I, including Machine guns, Artillery, flame throwers, and other chemical weapons. Scientists made machine gun lighter and easier to run around during War. Flame throwers were also introduced as the new technology in WW1 ICT to force opponents out of their trenches.

Besides, Artillery was a large gun improved during World War I to shoot down opponent’s airplanes. This large gun inflicts many deaths during War because it could launch shells nearly 80 miles. As a result, the bulk of fatalities were committed using Artillery.

WW1 Machine Gun

WW1 Machine Gun

Chemical Weapons

Chemical weapons used in World War include chlorine gas and mustard gas. Initially, Germany used chlorine gas which is poisonous gas used to poison Allied forces. Later, soldiers of both sides used the most hazardous mustard gas during War. By the end of War, both sides used gas masks to avoid these chemical weapons.

Wrap up

To sum up, the main theme of writing this article is to explore your minds withnew technology in WW1 ICT. During World War I, both sides burned their midnight oil to develop advanced technologies for their defence War. As a result, many deaths occurred due to these advanced technologies used for battle strategies.

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