Fiverr Masters – How Many Weeks In A Year

By Nadeem

We are going to explore how many weeks in a year through this article.

Depending on the length of the complete year, it is 52 weeks. The birthdays, Festivals, and Annual holidays are also calculated by the 52 weeks.

There are two types of years, like Normal year and Leap Year. If we talk about a normal year, then it has 365 days. If we want to take a week count in a year, then it is said that it will 52.17 weeks. Let see through a simple calculation:

How many weeks in a year

Let’s make a look at how many weeks in a year for different calendars.

Leap Year = 366

Common Year = 365

Julian Year = 365.25

Gregorian = 365. 24

Lunar = 354.37

Leap Year:

For some reason, it is said that it has 366 days.

Time Interval:

A rotational orbit of the sun takes appropriately 365 days (12 months), 5 hours, and 48 minutes. Every four years there added an extra day into the year and this is called leap year in the time interval of the year.

We add an extra day for the accuracy of leap year. There are three criteria to calculate a leap year interval, let’s see who invented this idea. Leap year is invented by Julius Caesar 2000 years ago.

How to find it?

Years are divided by 4.

If we divide a year by 100, then it will not be a leap year.

If we divide a year by 400, then it will be a leap year.

Can we implement this into the C++ program, that Interesting Let’s see

How many weeks in a year:


Using namespace std;

Int main()


Int y,w;

Cout<<”Enter year value, Note that your value should be in year like 1, 2 and 3 years”;




cout<<”There are weeks in years,w”;

return 0;


Let’s conclude how many weeks in a year, We found that one year have 52 weeks and leap year have 52 weeks and one­­­­­ day extra.

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