how about cross product calculator

By Nadeem


Before going to know all brainstorming facts regarding cross product calculator. It is very necessary to know all about vector products or cross-product.
This can only be calculated to get the resultant vector by the addition of vectors or by the right-hand rule. Vectors are identified by their magnitude and direction both. Let’s grab some knowledge about vectors and the calculator tool.
Vectors are undoubtedly more complex than numbers. Therefore in the algebra of vectors, there are two main operations one is the scalar product or dot product and the other one is cross or vector product.

A brief intro to what is the cross product:

Vector product is also termed as cross product which is a binary operation. And usually occurs in a three-dimensional space. And the major formula for calculating cross product is as:

  1. a × b = |a| |b| sinθ n
  2. a and b are the two small alphabets that represent two vectors
  3. θ (theta) is the angle found between the two vectors
  4. | | (modulus) represents the magnitude of two vectors
  5. And n is a unit vector whose magnitude is one and which is at right angles to the given vectors a and b

Another way to find the cross product (Right-hand rule):

While sitting in one place you can easily determine the resultant of two vectors. Without using a cross product calculator tool. That way is right-hand rule and famous physics rule to take out quick answers in no time.

For this, you have to use your right hand. Use your thumb and the first two fingers to make an L-shape from your right hand. And put your middle finger in the opposite direction to your thumb and index finger.

And to more simplify, let suppose two vectors a and b make the point your index finger along the vector a, and the middle finger to vector b and where your thumbs point will be the right direction of the resultant vector.

The right-hand rule has its major use in physics to find the magnetic field direction or state. Direction means the impact of the magnetic field on moving charges or vice versa.

So, the right-hand rule is the best way to get the resultant vector. And if you have big calculations to make so cross product calculator tool is the best choice.

Properties and trick for quick resultant vector:

  • I into j=k
  • J into k=i
  • K into i=j
Cycle made easy to solve:
how about cross product calculator

  • J into I = -k
  • K into j = -i
  • I into k = -j
What is cross product calculator and how to use it:
It is a free online gadget, especially for students. That displays the quick answer of cross product resultant vectors. It had made the work easier for the students as well as the users. It makes the biggest calculations in seconds
The main right way to use cross product calculator is very simple and easy:

  • First, you have to enter the real numbers in the given field f calculator. But you keep remembering you don’t need to write components of vector-like i,j,k.
  • Then after the placement of real numbers you just have to hit the button solve or enter.
  • Then in no time, you will get the accurate result of your required question. Which will display on your screen. Either mobile/laptop or desktop.


After all the discussions regarding the how of cross product calculator. It is very easy to know how to use it and how it works. Vectors are always available in 3-d space.

And every 3 d space has 3 axis x, y, z, and each vector has 3 components I,j and k. All according to the height, width, and breadth.

It is a recommendation for quick results to use the above properties or for the most appropriate and quick answers do select the cross product calculator tool.

Without a vector cross product calculator, it is tough to get accurate answers with properties in the low time. As a bonus, in this article, you will get to know the right-hand rule and other pieces of information which will help you a lot.

And make you the master of cross product calculation and tools of cross product calculator.

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