Rs.240 20GB Internet Zong Monthly – Fiverr Masters

By Nadeem

We are going to explore a new and bumper prize offer from the Zong Rs.240 20GB Internet Zong Monthly. Who can benefit from this offer?

The simple and sweet answer is that who have zing sim in his mobile or device, He/She definitely benefited from this offer.

Rs.240 20GB Internet Zong Monthly – Fiverr Masters

Let me explain the following steps to get Rs.240 20GB Internet Zong Monthly Offer;

Step 1:

Install the Android App from the Google Play Store and install My Zong App

Step 2:

Open it

Step 3:

Click on the bundle and then click the similar way like this:

Data, Hybrid, Calls, SMS. When you click on SMS then near SMS filed a Regional Offers field shows so click on it.

Step 4:

You are now almost right there, So find here your city offer. Let me explore if I am from Layyah then I will choose the “Apna shehr Layyah Offer”

After finding out Apna shehr offer click on the “Subscribe Now” button.

Step 5:

After clicking the button the Subscribe Now you will get a confirmation pop-up message like

“Are you sure you want to Subscribe to this offer?”

By clicking again on the “Subscribe Nowbutton you got again a Congratulations! Pop-up like
“Your request has successfully submitted. A confirmation message will be received shortly.

Note: Don’t turn on your data before any confirmation message from the Zong.

Step 6:

Last and final step to refresh your Zong App, if you got 5120MB, 1030 Minutes, 1000SMS, and 30 Off-Net Minutes then you must congratulate yourself. You are the luckiest one.

You can also see the confirmation message from the messaging app of your android phone.

Note: This is a weekly offer and you can subscribe to it multiple time, not a monthly offer.

For example, if you subscribe to it 4 times a month what is the total:

5×4 = 20GB Internet

1000×4 = 4000 zong to zong minutes

1000×4= 4000 sms

30×4 = 120 other network minutes

If you have any queries or having a problem Subscribing this offer you can make me a direct message on Watsapp Chat.

Also, you can get full guidance through youtube:

Regards: Fiverr Masters


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