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Sr Pelo star of comedy and animation

 Who is Sr Pelo:

Sr Pelo is famous as David Axel cazares Casanova. He is an excellent Mexican illustrator, editor, Youtuber, and on top of it very good voice, actor.

Sr Pelo star of comedy and animation

And have no competition of its voice acting found. That makes him super famous. He owns his unique style in the comedy and animation sector.


Before getting into the field of video making on YouTube. He began his work with Devian art as I-freez. He created firstly Sonic OC and later shifted to the flash animations and most of them are voiced in Spanish as:

  • Super
  • Warnolodo
  • Un flash Coritoto
  • Las aventuras de copy pop

He ends up making records by joining YouTube on the 30th of May 2008. And gain a reputation with his first video posting named “A SATIRE OF VARIOUS PUBLIC FIGURES”. And with the outstanding reach of audience and remarkable response. He created a series which is the most hit series name MONKEY’S SHOW which is the complete comedy mimicry of MICKEY MOUSE AND CO.

Top 5 striking facts about Sr Pelo star of comedy and animation:

1Sr Pelo Famous Animations:

His striking brainstorming animation which has touched the sky are:

  • Shell nut: As an April fool joke Sr Pelo uploaded his video on the 1st of April 2k18 named, Fortnite in a Shellnut. It was a humorous mimicry on the game Team Fortress 2. And considered as the very first animation of his masterpiece work.
  • Pelo Habla: This is a type of talk show, in which Sr Pelo is the one to entertain the audience with a humorous and animated style. Which thousands of people tried to copy but yet failed in it.
  • Spooky month: It is majorly a series on Halloween which has two little child characters one dressed in a pumpkin costume and the other as a skeleton. And moves around the whole town doing stupid things. It also includes a key ingredient that is a spooky dance.
  • Underpants: It is considered as the hit video on youtube. It is an animated comedy video on a game named undertale. And have a marvelous impact on the audience.
  • John knee and ill: It is based on two individuals named Johnknee and ill audio like an eel. And blockbuster animated shorts that engaged the audience from the very start-up to the end.
  • Mokey’s Show: It is one of the popular and known thousand times repeatedly seen series of Sr Pelo production or animation. It is the parody of the amulet of Disney, Mickey Mouse’s most favorite characters, and a carton for children of all time. This was the big reason for this series to end up making records.
2. What makes Sr Pelo famous and known:

  • He is a master in various voices and audio making from hilarious, blare to bizarre.
  • His style is engaging, humorous, and animated.
  • He does parody with bravo facial expressions which specify him from others.
  • He is good at making animated videos from carton parodies to talk shows and provide comedy zone to both English and Spanish speakers with his marvelous work.

3. His work setbacks:

  • He has a very high pitch and in some of his videos, he uses to scream a lot and have no productive content. This makes the audience a little bored with the content.
  • His facial expressions became sometimes hilarious to the audience so they won’t open to seeing him again.
  • He also made some terrifying parodies like Simpson, which showed a bad influence on the viewers.

4. Top secrets:

  • His name Sr Pelo means mister hair in Spanish.
  • His hairstyle is an afro.
  • Usually, he wears a purple t-shirt on black jeans which is his unique style.
  • He usually appears screaming on-screen and to some people but he has a very cool and chill personality.
  • Popular as 123pendejos.
  • He is good at speaking English other than Spanish.

5. Wiki of Sr Pelo:

  • He has a height of almost 6 and most accurately known is he is 5ft 7.
  • His weight is almost 60kgs.
  • And has a shoe size of 8US. And have shiny black eyes with dark curly black hairs.
  • He marked his presence in this world on the 23rd of October 1992 and now he is 28 years old.
  • His major income source is through his online work. And his income is approximately estimated US$ of about at least 400,000 US$.

Sr Pelo all pieces of information are like mysteries kept in the box. And all the details people know about him shared a blurred image of him. 

He is good at exaggerating his afro style while painting his style. So, all the above-discussed top 5 striking facts about Sr Pelo will ultimately drive you to the madness.

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