Use Wikipedia to Get Access to Every Kind of Knowledge

By Nadeem


The word Wikipedia is derived from the combination of two other words, wikiwhich means quick or prompt and Encyclopedia means a book or set of books giving information on many subjects or on many aspects of one subject and typically arranged alphabetically. Sometimes we need to find and share an online free content of various things because more than half of the internet websites bind people in gaining and giving access.

Use Wikipedia to Get Access to Every Kind of Knowledge

How Wikipedia Started

So when people were fed up with giving their personal information in order to gain access and they felt more insecure, then they started freeing themselves from the shackles of these accesses and at that very time, Wikipedia emerged in its full blown from and gained full momentum. It basically emerged as free internet based encyclopedia, in 2001 under the surveillance and supervision of Open Source Management Style. It has wiki software which is one of the most visited and the more searched sites on the internet.

A Platform for Everyone to Share Their Thoughts

To continue the above discussion, Wikipedia is an umbrella term under which every kind of knowledge is written by professionals and un-professionals of all over the world. Whether a person is a genius scholar or not, Wikipedia gives him/her the write to do creativity and write his or her own thoughts and concepts about anything they want to do.

Use Wikipedia to Get Access to Every Kind of Knowledge

So, it is a huge cooperative and collaborative writing process by anonymous writers. However, it is very disheartening about Wikipedia that as it gives access to everyone, it ultimately leads to its downfall.

Do We Alter and Modify Information on Wikipedia

For, even a common entity can change and modify the information, images, references, words and other media. This possibility of making alterations by everyone breaks the trust of viewers on Wikipedia. Despite its proven inauthenticity, still, it is the most recognized, beneficial and most visited sites on the Internet.

Use Wikipedia to Get Access to Every Kind of Knowledge

At its core, if we think critically, it has an advantageous side as well that with modifications and alterations, the recent changes and knowledge is added to already existed information due to which this knowledge never becomes old and primitive.

Reference to Hyperlinks

In addition to one of the best features of Wikipedia is that it provides hyper-textuality. In simpler terms, the viewer of Wikipedia does not remain unfamiliar with new words in the given information. Because Wikipedia uses hyperlinks and references to other sites that to which the reader can immediately access.

Use Wikipedia to Get Access to Every Kind of Knowledge

For instance, Britannica says that Wikipedia has grown into the world’s largest reference website, attracting 1.7 billion unique visitors monthly. It contains more than 56 million articles in more 300 different languages.

Wikipedia and It’s Significant Principles

Focusing on its principles, Wikipedia creates an egalitarian environment to entangle its users in their real as well as in virtual reality workplaces. Firstly, the principle of neutrality is more focused. The lesser the contributor is biased and judgmental, the more neutral his or her tone would be. Secondly, in another principle, contributors are requested to show sympathy and sincerity towards corrections and modifications made by readers. The possibility may appear that the reader may perceive the existed knowledge as incorrect or biased towards his/her culture and ethnicity, and then he/she may dispute over such facts. Some other principles of Wikipedia ask to respect copyright laws. The continuation of these various steps makes Wikipedia the best source of knowledge for its readers all over the world


Thorough and candid survey of Wikipedia reveals that no matter how many people contribute and modify information according to their own perceptions, still, it is the most visited and searched sites all over the world. Wikipedia frees its users from the complex shackles of access which prevent them to feel insecure. Moreover, this huge cooperative and collaborative writing process by anonymous writers help billions of people to get knowledge at any time and without any restrictions share their thoughts.

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