What YouTube Logo Symbolize

By Nadeem

The YouTube logo is one of the most recognizable logos in the world. It has remained relatively unchanged for years, with just minor tweaks here and there. Recently, though, it got a complete makeover that nobody saw coming. You want to explore why this change happened, what’s being changed about the logo, and how it matters to you as a YouTube content creator or watcher!

This article is about understanding what’s been changed about the YouTube logo, reasons behind changing up design, the effects of new changes for people using the YouTube platform (content creator), and marketing opportunity for individual bloggers who want to advertise their video on google owned property without having to share revenue with Google.

What YouTube Logo Symbolize

YouTube Logo

Every logo has some kind of meaning behind it, and the YouTube logo is no exception. The YouTube icon was designed to hold a number of different meanings in one visual, which is why there are so many symbols in its design. The play button represents watching videos on the site as well as subscribing to channels, while the video camera reflects that this site was originally created for people to share their memories with others through short clips of their lives. Finally, there’s also an “o” near the top that can be seen as a letter “t.” This symbolizes how much content you’ll find when you search for something on YouTube.

What YouTube Logo Symbolize

Why logo design vary? The reason behind changing up the design was actually pretty simple: people were associating their designs with Google’s iconic stripes instead of YouTube’s actual brand colors like red and blue. In 2008, when Google bought out YouTube from its founders Chad Hurley and Steve Chen (they had previously made a fortune in the startup company YouTube), they adopted Google’s logo as their own.

Guide To Make YouTube Logo

1. Download the YouTube logo and save it to your computer

2. Open your Adobe Illustrator program, and create a new document

3. Select the Pen tool (P) from the toolbar on top of your screen, then click on the artboard at the bottom left corner of your screen to make an anchor point

4. Draw a line that extends past one edge of your canvas

5. With this line still selected, go up to Object > Path > Offset path. How much should you offset? We recommend around 10-15px for most logos! Click OK when done

6. Now select both lines with either Shift+click or Ctrl+click them together – they will now be grouped in blue circles, so you know they’re selected! Go up to Object > Path > Add Anchor Points. This will allow you to add more points without having two separate paths anymore! You can also do this by going up to Edit > Stroke Path and clicking on “Add Anchors” if you don’t want any stroke effect; just make sure not to leave any gaps where there are no anchors because it won’t. Work properly! Now click outside these two shapes once again. In this way, you can make your require a logo.

What Does a YouTube Logo Design Mean?

This change will mean more exposure for YouTuber’s channels and videos – but they’ll have to pay closer attention to how their video is categorized on YouTube as well. It may be worth paying up if you’re looking for views from viewers who might not otherwise find your content! The Google-owned channels all have different logos that correspond with the type of videos they produce like Justin Bieber has a music note logo, Jimmy Fallon has an atom symbol, etc. These new design changes will take time to get used too so don’t panic when suddenly your YouTube homepage looks completely different! The best way we can think of incorporating this change into your YouTube channel is by using the new logo as your profile picture!

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