The Top 10 Beach Clubs In The World

By Nadeem

The Top 10 Beach Clubs In The World

Saadiyat Beach Club facilities are Stylish, Luxury and Comfortable. Having an Amazing Membership plan like Day Pass, Monthly, 6 Months and Annual. Wow

Saadiyat Beach Club

4/13 Marina Road



The Gulf’s Most Luxurious Beach Club

With a Viceroy Resort as its backdrop, this luxury beach club is even more inviting. Plus, after a meal at the poolside Restaurant at the 4-star hotel, the exclusive reception takes you to the quiet of the beach where a great view of the Doha Corniche awaits. The ambiance is so special, you can be on a cruise, a voyage to the Orient in the middle of the Arabian Gulf.

The Top 10 Beach Clubs In The World
The Top 10 Beach Clubs In The World

While just 2 minute walk away, you have the option to start your day of play in the two swimming pools, the outdoor whirlpool, the SPA and two gymnasiums.

Member’s Benefits

The Residential Model of a condo / hotel, located right in the middle of all the action. Home of the Mercedes-Benz Beach Club, Porsche Beach Club, Yoga Club, Café, Aquarium, Sand Skimming and more.

The Iconic Club House, with a restaurant and bar area, pool and beach volleyball area. For larger groups, the Outdoor Swimming pool will entertain you for hours with water features and jacuzzis. Complete with a 1-bedroom, 2-bedroom and 3-bedroom apartment villa building.

All the Beach Amenities: WOW! All of the most popular beach and pool locations. Go to the beach, have drinks in the pool, sunbathe in the sauna and sauna, lounge pool side and what not. You can play croquet, have a BBQ, go to the beach volleyball area. Indoor volleyball and squash courts available.

Saadiyat Beach Club Facilities

  • Saadiyat Beach Club private jet service
  • Private 6 Bedrooms villa
  • Private Bathrooms & Showers
  • Beautiful Pool
  • Fitness center with Soccer fields, Tennis courts and more.
  • Marina including pool, Lounge & beach
  • Secluded villas
  • Café
  • The Baklava Bar
  • Saadiyat Beach Club Members are part of the Marina

  • Housekeeping – Complimentary – Available 24 hours a day
  • Guest Services -Free Us Call/Text service
  • Personalized Amenities -Free airport shuttle
  • Guests and Members only We Welcome
  • A Luxury 5 Star Experience

To cater to the family, Saadiyat Beach Club offers a Kids Club as well as a Children’s Club. A number of exclusive Facilities for children at Saadiyat Beach Club:

A large Children’s play area and a newly constructed children’s club.

Swimming Pools

  • Day Cabanas, Double or Triple day cabanas
  • Fitness Center
  • Tennis Courts
  • Sauna, Steam & Snack Area
  • Fitness classes
  • Kids’ Zone
  • Butcher
  • Concierge
  • Hotel and Private Pool Access

Kidding aside, Katsuya Uechi is one of the best chefs in the U.S. An American by birth, sushi is the mainstay of Uechi’s repertoire, but he has built a global empire of extraordinary Japanese restaurants.

Gusta Café & Bar

Gusta, a concept by James Beard Award Winner Chef Richard Hales opened in 2015 in the heart of Georgetown, Washington, D.C. Gusta offers a “relaxed take on Mexican cuisine” highlighting regional and seasonal ingredients from Mexico. The modern, casual dining concept features an open kitchen, locally inspired ingredients, local produce and custom cocktails.

The Shack

Outdoor Poolside Dining

  • Poolside Bar
  • Kids Club
  • Four Screens
  • 30A Restaurant
  • Bike & Walk Access
  • Free Non-smoking Lounge
  • Additional complimentary facilities
  • Free WiFi
  • Private Showers
  • Ample Security
  • Terrain & Stairs

  • Outdoor pool, Ocean Pool, Outdoor Tandoori, Poolside Kiosk, Boat/Kayak Launch, Palm Tree & Koi Garden

  • Hard Rock Cafe
  • Asia

Beach Life, Beachlife and Beaches are 3 names that may give you a good idea of what is available. Beachlife® is a live music, lounge, and club venue in Dubai; it was one of the top venues worldwide, in terms of gross takings, in 2007.

Hard Rock Cafe, and Beaches® are famous for their entertainment, and especially their nightlife. They are popular with teenagers and young adults for its fashion, atmosphere, and its network of bars and clubs.

Day Pass, Monthly, 6 Months and Annual

Come and enjoy our Grand Lobby Bar, Day Room, Dining, Splash Pool and Gym with a view of the Ocean. Enjoy an evening party and some quality time with friends. The Amman Jeddah Beach Club is a true beach club with day pass.

Get exclusive discounts on services. A brand new Design, AMBISON Club – The Secret Garden located on Red Sea coast. Merengue Restaurant to Eat when you feel like it

Adventurous @Adventurous Jeddah beach Club, providing a unique experience for adventurous travellers. Enjoy hotel-like facilities with pool, gym, cabanas, retail mall and a beachfront restaurant on Abraq.


Jeddah’s Gazelle Palace Hotel is now known as Hotel Gazelle.

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