We’re Hiring a Graphic Designer

By Fiverr Masters

Helle and Warmly welcome to everyone to Happiest New Year 2023. We’re hiring an experienced Graphic Designer for our remote company called Fiverr Masters.

Our Requirements are highly appreciated for every individual who is looking for a remote job. Here are our

Key responsibilities:

  1. Having a minimum of one year of experience in Flyer Design.
  2. Minimum one year of experience in logo design.
  3. Creative Individual.
  4. Having a good ability to read and understand English properly.
  5. No Degree or certification is required. We only need your work.
  6. Know about trending designs.
  7. Full understanding of Graphic tools.

Our Main Tools:

  • Adobe Illustrator (100%)
  • Adobe Photoshop (50% role)
  • Canva (going the extra mile)

Your Availability:

  • Fully remote base.
  • When you got a message from our side you need to be ready to get started. If your working time is day or night we don’t care we need our work done professionally.
  • The possibility that you have 1 or 2 tasks a day.
  • Sunday will be off.

What did you get?

  • Monthly payout
  • Multi-Design learning when you work on it.
  • Bonus on your performance.

Let’s talk about the most interesting thing here which is Your Monthly Pay:

It starts from Rs.20,000 and increases after one month basic on your performance.

In short next month, You will get Rs.30,000.

On-Time Tip based on your excellent performance.

What is the hiring process?

  • Send your CV/Work samples and whatever you think is related to your job: InfoFiverrMasters@gmail.com
  • After that, you will get an email for an interview.
  • The interview will be conducted on Zoom/Google Meet and already inform you before or the day before.
  • We could check your live work in the meeting.
  • After selection, you get a badge of your company graphic designer.

Thanks for your interest and get ready for hired.

Let’s celebrate Happiest New Year 2023 Together


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